In this tutorial, we will show you each step to send emails to leads from LeadLake. Let's start-

Leads Pages to have information of each lead, they are - Title, Lead info, Date of generated leads, Bookmark, Add a note, Website visit. 


       1.  To send an email you need to connect your email client to LeadLake. For that click on my profile at top right side.



        2. Click on My profile from Profile drop-down menu.

        3. Click on connect Inbox at bottom left side.


       4. Connect Inbox via Gmail or office 365 or Other IMAP at the center of your screen.


       6. Click on Accept &  Connect to Google at bottom of your screen.


       7. Login to your gmail account to continue to Now Your inbox has been successfully connected.

       8. Now any Lead on LeadLake where there is an Email option you can click on it and send a message to the Lead right from          there


       9. Email of new fill form appear. After filling form click on Send option.