• To connect your email account, you can go to My Profile > Connect Inbox.

  • Then you can select any 1 of the 3 Inbox option.

  1. If you have a Gmail account:

  • Click on Gmail account icon

  • Then click on accept button on the popup

  • After clicking on accept button you will be redirected to google accounts page.

  • In this page, you need to input your gmail id and password of your gmail account.

  • After clicking on Next button you will see the following screen stating that your inbox is successfully connected.

2. If you have Microsoft Office 365 or Outlook account: 

  • Click on office 365 icon

  • Then you need to click on ‘Accept and connect to outlook’ button.

  • Then you will be redirected to a Microsoft account login page.

  • Here you need to input your Microsoft or outlook email id and password

  • After entering the password you will see the following screen stating that your email is successfully connected.

3. If you have email service other than gmail or outlook account:

  • The third option of connect to inbox is for those who have hosted their email externally. ( e.g. zoho.com )

  • To connect your email by using this option you need to click on ‘Other IMAP’.

  • After clicking on that you will see the popup of Setup your email account

  • On this popup, you need to fill in some information about your email account like:

  1. Email address in the first section ( email address which you want to connect for sending emails ).

  2. Password: Here you need to enter a password of that email id which you have entered above.

  3. Server: In this section, you need to input server name e.g If you are connecting to Zoho email id you need to input smtp.zoho.com.

  4. The last and final step is to enter a port number. Generally, 465  port is used globally but some servers may use different ones, you might want to consult your email provider for this.

  • After filling above information and clicking on connect inbox button you will see this screen.

Note: You can use mx.toolbox.com to check server name and port number for your external email account.